Stocks to buy

The stock market is on a long-term downtrend as interest rates rise and inflation remains high despite a slight cool-off. Many retirement portfolios that invest in indexes such as S&P500 are down at least 17% year-to-date. That is even more awful when you add inflation to the equation. Of course, no stock is immune to
Hydrogen stocks could be some of the most explosive investments of 2023. Goldman Sachs says the hydrogen space could be a $12 trillion market by 2030. Analysts at Bank of America say green hydrogen could be worth more than $11 trillion by 2050. Morgan Stanley sees a potential $11 trillion hydrogen opportunity, too. Even the International
In a market like this, you always can find dividend stocks to buy. If you’re like most investors, you probably can’t wait for 2023. History books will show that 2022 was a huge disappointment for the stock market, although it did create some compelling opportunities for top-tier dividend stocks. First of all, dividend stocks are
Rumble (NASDAQ:RUM), an operator of video streaming sites, is no stranger to controversy and not just controversy stemming from the political nature of much of the content on its platforms. As I discussed recently, RUM stock itself has been the subject of controversy, after a widely-read “short report” dropped last month that called into question
In 2021, meme stocks or investments that generated intense grassroots interest (typically via public internet forms) were all the rage. In 2022? Not so much. Throughout this year, shifting market and macroeconomic forces exposed many if not most memes as pure speculation. Usually, this translates to hot garbage. However, some high-risk wagers earned respect. Whether
Until recently, Huadi International (NASDAQ:HUDI) stock was quite obscure. However, this traditional steel pipe and tube manufacturer is undergoing a major transition. Soon, HUDI stock could be an unexpected ESG (environmental, social and governance) investment for risk-tolerant financial traders. It’s no secret that renewable energy development is a priority for the Chinese government. Yet, curious
Investors watched electric vehicle (EV) stocks rise monumentally through the pandemic only to taper off as the realities facing the sector continue to take shape. Slump considered, it’s fair to conclude that electric vehicles are here to stay — as well as the cheap lithium stocks whose products are key to EV manufacturing.  In fact,
This might seem as the most inappropriate time to talk about crypto stocks. Investor confidence has plunged with the collapse of FTX (FTT-USD). Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has now consolidated well below the $20,000 level. This fact alone signals just how impactful the bankruptcy of FTX has been for the sector, triggering yet another leg downward for most
Value stocks are always a sensible class of equities to consider as an investment. It’s all about finding stocks that are believed to be trading below where they should be based on fundamental metrics. Identifying value is part science and part art.  The science requires calculating metrics that determine a given stock’s fundamentals. Basically, anything
Growth stocks to buy took quite a hit this year. That might deter investors from placing their bets on them for the long haul. However, growth stocks are tremendous investments for retirement, with the potential to generate massive returns. Making money becomes significantly easier if you have the nerve to invest and hold growth stocks
Once considered to be a cash cow for investors, finding semiconductor stocks to buy and hold can be daunting these days. The iShares Semiconductor ETF (NASDAQ:SOXX), an exchange traded fund that holds 30 leading semiconductor stocks, is down more than 35% so far this year as a chip shortage continues to stress the industry. But if you’re a
One of the best growth investors of the past decade, Cathie Wood is often regarded as among the most underrated investors. She is incredibly growth-focused in her investment arguments, and presents interesting data to back up her surprisingly astute claims. Accordingly, many disregard her view that innovation means everything and valuations are less important, particularly