Stocks to sell

Assigning an “F” rating to Newell Brands (NASDAQ:NWL) stock might seem harsh, especially since you’ll probably recognize some of the product names controlled by Newell Brands. Yet, the company’s financials are subpar and Newell Brands’ dividend payouts have been slashed. All in all, you’re better off finding another consumer goods company to consider investing in.
A concentrated grouping of tech stocks is responsible for rallying markets in 2023. In fact, a Forbes article from late April noted as much, stating that seven stocks were responsible for 90% of the S&P 500’s gains to that point. At the time, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was the biggest contributor, adding $549 billion in market capitalization. Nvidia
Are you wondering when to start trimming winning investments? If you have significant stakes in AI stocks, you’re likely pondering this now, as well as when to skim AI stocks for profit. Every company linked to artificial intelligence seems to enjoy a market-approved valuation boost. AI mentions in earnings calls have surged, matching the growing
While the U.S. equities may have an upward bias, valuation adjustments don’t materialize in a perfectly linear fashion, which brings us to the topic of top stocks to sell now. At some point, astute investors must realize when to call it quits. Even the most well-researched opportunities can fall short. Maturity is realizing when you’re
Hedge funds continue to exert outsized influence over equity markets. The world’s 20 largest hedge funds collectively hold $45 trillion of assets under management. The largest hedge fund in the U.S., Bridgewater Associates, manages $126 billion. These massive funds often buy and sell billions of dollars worth of stock at a time, moving markets in
Navigating the financial sector’s tumultuous waters has been incredibly challenging, especially with the unexpected collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March. This event has cast a long shadow over the sector, causing bank shares to struggle and putting Wall Street on high alert. Amidst this uncertainty, short-sellers and fundamental investors seeking value are looking to
Since Facebook formally changed its name to Meta (NASDAQ:META), the Metaverse has been a siren song for investors and companies alike. Billions of dollars have been dashed upon the rocks chasing metaverse profit that often failed to materialize. In such times, wise investors need to cut their losses and sell the metaverse stocks that fail to deliver.
Insider buying, or the legal, reported purchase of shares in a company by its C-suite/board members/large shareholders, is considered a bullish signal. However, does that mean it is best to sell/avoid stocks insiders are selling? Put simply, it depends. Heavy insider selling, or even a lack of insider buying, can sometimes be a sign that those most
With the debt ceiling issue on the horizon, investors face the task of assessing their stock portfolios amidst government spending uncertainties. Given the prevailing uncertainty, investors should carefully consider specific stocks that may encounter significant challenges. Considering the looming uncertainties, this article highlights three stocks to sell. Investors are confronted with a complex decision-making process.
Artificial intelligence has become one of the hottest stories of the decade, creating big opportunities for AI stocks. In fact, ever since the release of the AI chatbot ChatGPT, interest in the AI story has only gotten hotter, with top tech companies racing for a bigger piece of the AI pie. What makes the story
Identifying the worst-performing stocks in the current market can be challenging. Balancing long-term growth and short-term financial issues is daunting. We are entering a traditionally softer period for equities, particularly between May and October. Maybe this situation ought to prompt investors to consider stocks to sell now. Seasonal weakness plus economic headwinds could lead to
What does America’s central bank have to do with electric vehicle  battery technology company QuantumScape (NYSE:QS)? Actually, a lot. QS stock could continue to lose value this year because investors won’t keep throwing money at an unprofitable business. Sure, there was a time when companies with less-than-ideal financials attracted investors. Those days are probably in the