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Water is not usually thought of as an exciting or innovative industry. It’s a basic good typically sold at a fairly low cost. And, yet, investing in the best water stocks on today’s list just may change your mind. With economic troubles mounting, it’s not a great time to be taking risks. Water stocks are
Source: rhendrikdwenz via Shutterstock [Editor’s note: “5 Reasons ‘Cathie Wood Stocks’ Could Double in 2023” was previously published in July 2022. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available.] Many of you are familiar with Cathie Wood, the famed stock-picker and founder of ARK Invest. She focuses on investing in disruptive
John Jagerson here. The one positive aspect of a bear market is that valuations are low. As long as traders can focus on the underlying fundamentals and maintain a long-term view, bargains during a bear market can be very profitable. In my and Wade’s view, the best stocks right now are positioned to take advantage
So you’re interested in the best micro-cap stocks to buy now? Congratulations! You may be on the road to sizable tax deductions from severe capital losses. In all seriousness, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would like to have a word with you. First, let’s talk about definitions. Whether they are the best micro-cap stocks
Let’s be honest, you’re interested in the best penny stocks under $1 to buy now because of the lottery principle. You understand that very few people actually win lotteries, let alone the ultimate jackpot. At the same time, a mathematical reality exists. Someone always wins games of chance. Possibly, that someone could be you. However,
Wall Street is getting ready to welcome the fourth quarter, which will see companies report earnings. Meanwhile, many economists are warning the odds of a recession are increasing. Against this backdrop, investors are searching for the most aggressive growth stocks to buy amid the volatility. According to Golden Eagle Strategies, $100 invested in aggressive growth
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Sept. 14 that it would invest up to $2.8 billion in 70 smart-farming initiatives selected as part of the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities. While these 70 projects won’t give investors an answer regarding The 7 Best Agriculture Stocks to Buy Now, it does reinforce why the agriculture
Investors, including those who own green energy stocks, have myriad reasons to be bearish currently. Inflation remains high, with the year-over-year CPI registering 8.3% in August. The Fed responded as expected, raising interest rates by 0.75 percentage points, or 75 basis points, on Sept. 21.  That rate increase, the central bank’s third straight 75 basis-point
Today’s article introduces seven robust stocks to buy ahead of earnings. Given the unprecedented tightening by the Federal Reserve, investors are worried that the overall corporate profitability could further deteriorate in the third quarter. A recent Factset Research Systems (NYSE:FDS) report highlights “the estimated earnings growth rate for the S&P 500” for the third quarter
Some stocks under $10 are cheap for a reason, but there are other stocks under $10 that are solid long-term investments. There are all sorts of equities from which to choose when building your portfolio. While there are arguably great names at high prices, it’s important that investors don’t overlook quality stocks to buy for