Stocks to buy

This year hasn’t been kind to technology businesses like Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO). However, there’s a value investing opportunity with CSCO stock as the company’s financial stats are adequate, if not jaw-dropping. Besides, as Cisco undergoes a restructuring, shareholders can collect generous dividends quarter after quarter. Workforce reductions are common this year, especially among American tech
Although respected financial analysts consistently steer their clients away from penny stocks, they still attract new recruits. Obviously, the allure of quick riches represents a universal temptation. As well, the boost of adrenaline or other native stimulants that speculative ventures arouse may entice and addict passersby. Call it the horror-film fascination thesis. To be fair,
A stock that scores a perfect 10 should be on every investor’s list of stocks to buy. Any company that receives full marks on quality, value, or growth are stocks I’d considering a perfect 10. For this article, I’m using StockRover’s stock screening tool, which screens for such qualities among a very large basket of
Cheap blue-chip stocks under $15 can be rare finds. Typically since financially sound firms with recognizable names have histories of strong performance and often include dividends, their prices tend to be higher.  But that isn’t exclusively the case. Although they usually trade near or above $100, cheap blue-chip stocks under $15 can be found. That’s
Large-cap stocks are always great to have in a portfolio. These companies are some of the biggest and best-known stocks in the market. That makes finding the best large-cap stocks a worthy exercise. Of course, in this market, it can be a challenge to identify the best large-cap stocks. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average