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Corporations that outperform their competitors can generate outsized returns for their investors. While it’s possible to find an undervalued hidden gem growing fast, picking stocks leaving competitors behind can also lead to higher gains. The three corporations on this list have a history of outperforming the competition. Thanks to their expertise, resources and other factors,
Despite moving sideways for much of March, the stock market remains near all-time highs and there are plenty of stocks that are trending upwards. Stocks that suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic and struggled to get their operations back online and their financial house in order now appear to be back on track. The market for
Investor interest in generative AI has been unmatched recently. And companies that engage in innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and other cloud-based services have exploded. The stock market is already in a bullish environment due to the increased potential that the Federal Reserve will begin to start cutting interest rates later this year, following
Inflation came in much hotter than expected in February. Core services inflation, which excludes housing, rose 0.5% from January following a 0.9% increase from December. Last month’s gain was twice as fast as it was pre-pandemic, causing the Federal Reserve to rethink interest cutting rate too soon. Consumer spending is weakening as real disposable income
Dividend Aristocrat stocks can provide to be wise investments for those looking to shelter a sizable nest egg from inflation. These blue-chip companies have consistently increased their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years, making them some of the most reliable income generators on the market. Their share prices may fluctuate, especially during broader market
What are the defining features of millionaire-maker stocks? First, they must be fast-growing companies exceeding their industry’s growth, supporting stock outperformance. Second, their growth must be backed by secular tailwinds enabling multi-year growth. In the current investment landscape, different industries will originate several millionaire-maker stocks. For example, the cybersecurity threat environment has dramatically changed due
Sports-minded investors may be getting ready to watch their favorite team play in the “Big Dance” which is March Madness. But there are some stocks making investors dance for madness of a different kind.   Investors who own Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) know that madness refers to the booming demand for artificial intelligence (AI). Since the words Chat
Three companies have emerged as true titans in the rapidly changing financial and technological industries, ready to spearhead the next global boom. These companies have succeeded financially in a sea of uncertainty by going above and beyond the norm. Their tales, replete with tenacity, inventiveness, and tactical forethought, read like contemporary epics. With its rapid
Even as Bitcoin (BTC-USD) ETFs reach record inflow rates and continually edge against all-time highs, some investors—institutional and otherwise—don’t see the “asset class” worth buying for a long-term investment. Vanguard Group execs, for example, see Bitcoin as too speculative and not worthy of consideration for a buy-and-hold style portfolio; that’s why we haven’t yet seen