As the adage goes, “where there’s risk, there’s reward.” Unfortunately, this is not universal when it comes to penny stocks. While there are plenty of stocks in “penny territory” (under $5 per share) that are strong opportunities, there are also scores of low-priced names best characterized as penny stocks to sell. When it comes to
In this article IP XOM GM CAT Follow your favorite stocksCREATE FREE ACCOUNT Nathan Stirk | Getty Images News | Getty Images Check out the companies making headlines before the bell. McDonald’s — Shares dipped more than 1% after McDonald’s reported its latest quarterly results. The fast food giant topped earnings and revenue estimates, saying
Discussing undervalued retirement stocks usually brings defensive stocks to mind, especially those with high dividends and low exposure to market volatility. While defensive stocks are great for your retirement portfolio, you should also add some growth potential, especially if you aren’t already a retiree. Things have shifted due to market volatility and recent selloffs, and
It might tempt some investors to go long on Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) now, as many think the company invincible. Yet, GOOG stock traders should be careful as Alphabet isn’t necessarily invincible in the artificial intelligence (AI) market. Plus, it’s worrisome that Alphabet’s Google is facing not just not, but two lawsuits initiated by the government. In
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In this article UNH NXPI WHR Follow your favorite stocksCREATE FREE ACCOUNT An employee stands next to a Whirlpool washing machine inside a home appliances showroom in New Delhi. Anindito Mukherjee | Reuters Check out the companies making headlines after the bell:  NXP Semiconductors — Shares of NXP Semiconductors dropped 3% in extended trading after
CRISPR technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach medicine. This technology has already been used in a variety of applications, including gene editing, gene therapy, and disease diagnosis. As a result, companies developing CRISPR-based products and services have seen significant valuation growth since inception, with many CRISPR stocks having excellent long-term upside
Electric vehicle stocks went into a deep correction last year, and many believe the sector had it coming. Most EV stocks had been trading at bloated valuations, and the bubble burst was always on the cards last year. Moreover, it allowed investors to step back and look at the best investments in the sphere. The
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Investing in penny stocks can be a great way to get multi-bagger returns on a small investment. But it can also be incredibly risky, especially in the current market environment, as penny stocks are notoriously volatile.  It can be challenging to estimate the fair value of penny stocks’ underlying businesses. But just because something is
Is it a sign of serious problems that Google and YouTube parent company Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) announced a workforce reduction? GOOG stock actually soared when that announcement was made — and for good reason. Alphabet isn’t actually in trouble, and the company’s anticipated artificial intelligence (AI) product launches could significantly boost Alphabet’s revenue in 2023. Like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)