We’ve been pounding the table on Lucid Motors and Churchill Capital (NYSE:CCIV), the SPAC behind Lucid Motors, for a while now. We believe the company is in a prime position to steal significant market share from Tesla in the premium electric vehicle (EV) category over the next few years. Source: ggTravelDiary / Shutterstock.com Consequently, it’s a
For many years, income-oriented investors have counted on healthcare Source: Manuel Esteban / Shutterstock.com giant Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) stock to provide reliable dividend distributions. In fact, it’s not unreasonable to say that this is among the main benefits of holding PFE stock for the long term. However, nothing in the markets is 100% reliable and some folks
Most investors who want exposure to the financial sector focus on well-known mega-cap stocks such as JP Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC). However, some smaller financial services companies have much longer dividend growth streaks. In fact, the only three financial services companies in the group of dividend kings, which have raised their dividends
The U.S. economy is recovering from the pandemic, and investors are hunting for dividend stocks in industries with higher-than-average growth. Consistent revenue gains — and a boost from pandemic-fueled adoptions — have made pet stocks the perfect opportunity for strong dividend returns. Consumers are spending more money than ever on their pets. Pet spending reached
Since the beginning of the year, shares of Cyprus-based shipping company Castor Maritime (NASDAQ:CTRM) stock are up by more than 80%. Source: Pavel Kapysh / Shutterstock.com As stated in its filings with the SEC back in April, its recent stock increases were “significantly inconsistent” with its performance. It continues to expand its fleet aggressively, putting
Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ:RIDE) stock, the electric car start-up, took a hard fall but then rose again on a management re-shuffle. Source: Postmodern Studio / Shutterstock.com The company admitted misstatements in demand for its Endurance pick-up. Then it accepted the resignations of CEO Steve Burns and CFO Julio Rodriguez. Becky Roof, an accountant who has been