Stocks to buy

Earnings season is in full swing. Granted, company earnings haven’t done much good to the stock market, but smart investors know that buying stocks before earnings could increase their chances of making big money. Whenever a company beats expectations or even has an upbeat projection, the stock can move upward for significant gains. In fact,
Healthcare AI stocks are on the rise with the introduction of AI-based solutions. These solutions allow companies to improve operations and cut costs using artificial intelligence. AI technology is being used in many ways in healthcare. It can improve diagnosis, reduce medical errors, and improve patient outcomes. As AI becomes more prevalent in healthcare, we
Stocks under $10 always seem attractive. These stocks allow investors to create a diversified portfolio even with limited funds. Fortunately, there are many quality stocks under $10 to buy at current levels. When I say quality stocks, I mean stocks of companies that are non-speculative. Low-price stocks are often associated with pure speculation. However, some
BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) is the world’s largest asset management company, with $8.6 trillion in assets by the end of 2022. The company is well known for its prudent investment decisions and has accumulated this colossal amount of assets despite being around for only 35 years. At its peak last year, BlackRock’s AUM surpassed $10 trillion before
You might not think of IBM (NYSE:IBM) as a leader in the artificial intelligence space. Yet, you might be surprised to discover how committed this company is to advancing the science of machine learning. While it’s not right for every investor, IBM stock may be the AI industry pick you’ve been looking for. Sure, there are other
Year to date, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is up about 40%. And hopefully, this rally marks the end of an extended crypto winter for coins and related crypto stocks. Helping, there are reasons to get bullish on Bitcoin.  For one, there is a high probability of recession this year. Contractionary monetary policies are likely to end and the dollar
With education AI stocks, artificial intelligence is transforming education, and revolutionizing the way we learn and teach. In fact, with AI, companies are able to personalize lessons for individual users. For example according to Forbes, “With the use of AI, learning can be tailored and adapted to every student’s individual needs, goals and abilities through personalized
If you’re looking for dividend stocks to buy to retire rich, I can help you.  However, it’s important to remember that dividend stocks alone aren’t the cure-all for retiring rich. Time in the market is the most important thing to get you to your financial number. What I mean by this is that dividend stocks
Despite the “hotter-than-expected” U.S. inflation data reported on Feb. 24, the fundamentals of the U.S. economy remain pretty strong. But don’t take my word for it; listen to the CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon, who told CNBC on Feb. 23 that “The U.S. economy is doing quite well. Consumers have a lot of money, and they’re spending
There is a lot of buzz surrounding investing in agriculture AI stocks. Companies turn to AI technology for solutions as the world population grows and the agricultural industry faces challenges. By investing in agriculture AI stocks, investors can benefit from the potential of this technology and its potential returns. AI has the potential to revolutionize
The stock market has rallied meaningfully in recent weeks. And while the macroeconomic outlook remains challenging, investors have started 2023 with a more optimistic posture. As such, there aren’t quite as many dirt-cheap stocks today as there were last fall. However, there are still bargains out there for investors that are willing to do some sleuthing.
With the latest on inflation and interest rates suggesting more challenges ahead for the economy and the markets, there’s renewed appeal for defensive plays. However, those are not the only stocks for cautious investors to consider. That is to say, when it comes to “playing it safe” during times of market volatility, there’s no need
Just when investors thought that rising prices slipped into the rearview mirror, market participants now find themselves scrambling for smart stocks to buy when interest rates rise. Of course, the spiked demand centers on a key consumer report which indicated that inflation remains stubbornly high. As well, the pace of rising prices pinged higher than
Source: Photo When researching some stocks to buy this week, I came across an interesting piece from earlier in February about annuity demand. According to Axios, annuity sales climbed 22% higher in 2022 to about $310 billion. The Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) also projects that fixed indexed annuity (FIA) sales will experience
When the U.S. central banks increased interest rates, investors needed to outperform the markets by buying high-yield dividend stocks. Investors are growing increasingly wary of buying companies whose stock would rise on their growth prospects. The tighter credit conditions will cause a mild recession at the very least in 2023. The tough economy suggests that